Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter Rising: Battle of Ashbourne WIP

Making progress on the Fingal Volunteers and the RIC.  And some sheep, too, because what's an Irish countryside without meadow maggots?  Here's how it has gone down so far...

Finished the basecoat on the RIC.  Used Vallejo Heavy Black Green diluted 1:3 with Secret Weapon Black Green wash.  The results were too vibrant, so...

I hit the RIC uniforms with a liberal glaze of Secret Weapon Light Body Black wash.  That toned things down a little.  Also finished the Fingal Volunteers' hats using Light Body Black, Heavy Body Black, Concrete, and Stone washes. 

Finished the weapons with Vallejo Heavy Charcoal Grey and GW Chestnut Ink.

Washed the gunmetal with GW Black Ink and used a really cheap bulk Burnt Sienna acrylic, heavily diluted, to basecoat the bases.  Once these dry I will drybrush and flock them and call it good.

All I have left then is the Model T trucks for the RIC.  Looking like this game is going to happen next week at Cold Wars.

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