Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cold Wars 2016

This weekend was the Cold Wars wargaming convention in Lancaster, PA.  As usual it was an awesome time.

My first game was Rorke's Drift in 15mm.  Very fun game.

The British eek out the narrowest of wins from inside the great redoubt.

Then I met a very nice corgi named Gizmo.

Then there was an American Revolution game with lots of booze.  Very beautiful table.

Then I met a very nice Irish wolfhound named Tyr.

Speaking of Irish, my Battle of Ashbourne went off without a hitch.  Ended in a draw.

Then it was back to the American Revolution with the Battle of Monmouth.  Another  fantastic looking table.

My final game of the con was a Normandy Bocage fight with John as the GM.  This was a very fun battle that played super close to tactical realism.  Here you can see the US company commander trying to flag down a platoon of Shermans.

Excellent time as always.  Already looking forward to Historicon.

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