Thursday, August 21, 2014

Saga Anglo Dane/Hiberno Norse Warband

Saga is my latest miniature wargaming flame.  It is a very basic, straightforward game that is both tactically satisfying and unpredictably entertaining.  Gripping Beast is really on to something with their battle board game mechanic.

My all purpose warband is 10th Century Anglo-Danish, but since they are Dark Age warriors, they could also be Hiberno-Norse, Vikings, Saxons, Scots, or any other grungy bearded dudes with stabby things and shields.

A fearsome Warlord leads the warband

Heavily armed and armored Huscarls provide a powerful elite force

Axe-wielding warriors are the primary offensive unit in the warband

Spearmen form the bulk of the warband

Stay tuned for forthcoming detailed Saga battle reports.