Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Project: 2/28th Infantry (Australia) at Tobruk

Here is the next project in my deep dive into Bolt Action WWII wargaming.  I have assembled the Perry miniatures Desert Rats box set.  I absolutely love these minis.  These models will form an infantry platoon for next month's narrative game which will take place in and around Tobruk in 1941.  John is putting together the opposing DAK force for this scenario, so I need to up my game and paint a force that is at least worthy of sharing a tabletop with his amazing models.

First off, they are a great deal.  For around $36 you get a a core body of command, infantry, and support weapon teams for an entire force organization.  For my money this is the best miniature buy-in for a Wargame on the market right now.  In one box I was able to assemble three infantry squads, 2 Bren teams, a mortar team, and a platoon command.  This left me with three models that worked perfectly for a non-standard "tableau" base that would work for a company command section or forward observer team.

This command/FO unit probably will not work for tournament play, but for the type of narrative wargaming our gaming group has been exploring, it will work very well.

The detail and proportions on these models is fantastic.  I definitely prefer the true 25mm scale to the heroic scale.  Something about the giant heads, hands, and weapons of the heroic scale tends to distract me.  This prone Bren team is one of my favorite models-I really have a thing for prone models firing.  I'm really looking forward to painting them.

So my plan is to hit the seam between the last set of minis, which I completed in very little time (about 7-10 minutes/model), but almost too much at the cost of quality, and some of my better quality tabletop models like these, which represent about 60 minutes per model.  That said, I still need to paint these Aussies in a hurry and move on to the next project for the February game.

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