Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to Cheatin' Steve's

This is a reboot of sorts.

I'm rebooting my blog, because with my last blog, I learned that you really need to blog in order to have a blog.  I'm sure the one person who is still following that blog would agree.  Now I think I have some good stuff to share, so off we go.  Again.

This is a reboot for me as well.

I recently retired from the Army, so now I have to find ways to spend all my free time.  Reboot fun.  I'm about to have surgery, so I'm going to have to start over with my marathon training and my pursuit of the elusive ultra marathon finish.  Reboot fitness.  I still love to drink and create my own cocktails, so I really don't need to reboot that.  I've got drinking cocktails down.

So if you like running, drinking, and playing miniature wargames, well then, you should stop reading this narcissistic crap and go do those things.

If you like reading blogs about running, drinking, and playing miniature wargames, press on...

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