Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saga Battle Report Irish v. Anglo-Danes

Onward to the third pillar of this blog: Miniature Wargaming!

My buddy Mike has posted a brief report and some pics of our most recent game of Saga over at his Mini-Mayhem blog.  You should check out his blog simply for the mad display of award-winning painting.

While the game was never really close, the performance of one of Mike's Irish heroes turned a lopsided route into a really fun event.  After Mike's (obviously over-the-hill) Irish Warlord suffered a downright ignominious death beneath a flurry of Dane axes, one of the young Irish heroes stepped up to secure his own place alongside such legends as Finn Mac Cumhaill and Cu Chulain by single-handedly beating back the fearsome Danish Warlord and his retinue not once, but twice to finish the game triumphant atop a hotly contested hill.

The Danes may have carried the game, but the Irish hero owned the field at the end of the battle and ensured that his Saga will indeed be an epic for the ages.

Play Saga, it's fun.

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