Monday, April 20, 2015

Cold Wars Bolt Action Tournament: BEST ARMY!

So this is really late, but here are some pics of the Australian 24th Infantry that I took to Cold Wars last month.  I don't normally play in tournaments at gaming events because, well, I really (really) hate the kind of games you see in tournaments, but I did it anyway because it was a great group of guys and Bolt Action is fun, even when you are playing a fakey tournament game.

The tournament delivered as advertised.  I did not enjoy the ways that my games played, but I did enjoy the chance to meet some cool gamers and have a good time playing on some excellent terrain.  Lots of really beautiful armies and the tournament organizers did a great job with the terrain and the format.  Still, the event confirmed my opinion of tournament gaming.

I played terribly, because, well, tournament, and escaped with a 1-2 win/loss ratio.  The only reason I won the last game was because I pulled a totally douchy non-tactical ploy with a recce vehicle on the last activation of the game and snatched the win from Paul, who had pretty much dominated me the entire game.  Neither of us enjoyed that.  I should have stuck to actual tactics and taken the draw/loss.

But THEN prize time came and I won Best Army!  How about that?  NWS Online provided some sweet prize support and I walked away with a brand new British Army Box!  How cool is that?  Thanks to everyone who voted for me and BIG thanks to Christopher at NWS Online!  You Rock!

Here's the Army that won.  It was totally the kangaroos on the captured vehicles that pulled out the win for me.  Everyone loves kangaroos.

Winner, Winner, Bully Beef Dinner!