Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WIP Update: Aussie 24th Infantry

So I originally labeled these guys as the 28th Australia Infantry, when, in fact, they represent the 24th Australian Infantry.  My bad.  But that's the cool thing about developing historical game scenarios-you get to dive in depth into some of the most amazing tales of human conflict and learn how battles flowed at the tactical level.  I'm having a blast.

So these guys turned out really well and clocked-in at about 30 minutes per model from sprue to final touches on the bases.  Much credit to the fantastic Perry miniatures.  I'm pleased with the results and cannot wait to see them in action against John's most excellent Afrika Korps forces in two weeks.  

Now I need to put together some captured Italian anti-tank guns with Australian crews...

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  1. The World At War said it best. This land was made for war.