Friday, August 28, 2015

Things that Matter in Wargaming

I was looking for a pirated copy of WSS #78 so I could share the full text of Phil Dutré's excellent article, 'The irregular - It's the figures, stupid!'.  While searching (and failing), I came across this gem posted on Big Andy's.

Always fun to encounter those with a healthy perspective on the range of possibilities our shared hobby offers beyond the tournament.

Back to  Dutré's article, reading it reminds me of one of the most distrurbing trends I encountered while slogging around in the 40k scene: people building an army tooled-up for the current edition and then discarding it on eBay once it was no longer the 'it' army build.  I understand the constraints of budget, especially with regard to obscenely overpriced GW product, but this practice occupies the same piteous place in my heart where I contemplate destitute unfortunates selling their blood to buy food.

I do believe that people for whom the miniatures are simply a means to an end are missing out on one of the greatest elements of our hobby.

And Andy, I'm with you, Sir.  Wargaming without umpires is like drinking beer without beer.


  1. I always thought that if you look at figures only as game pieces than you're spending WAY too much on game pieces.

    1. Well said, Tim. We need to get you into a game one of these days. Hope to see you at NOVA.

  2. Agreed as well. I always found you should just pick an army based on aesthetics, and play with it until the end of the time, slowly crafting it into your army. Heck I recognize people by their army sometimes more then their faces!

  3. Glad you like my little opinion piece in WSS 78.
    I wrote it out of frustration that indeed many wargamers these days seems to focus too much on the rules, while it's really the figure collection that should be the main focus. The rules should serve the figures, not the other way around :-)