Wednesday, June 3, 2015

North Africa Wargaming Table Project Part 4: All's Well That Ends Well

In the end, I spent a couple of weeks trying to destroy the table while John made some absolutely amazing buildings to finish it.  I'll let him tell you all about those and how he cast the windows and doors and other architectural accoutrements.  The results, well, you be the judge...

I think we both learned a lot from the project.  Our next project will be even cooler, and hopefully fraught with less peril.  Where do you think should we go next time?  Tunisia?  Sicily?  Italy? Normandy?  Russia?  Germany?

Comments and critiques welcome.

We couldn't help ourselves.  The morning after Mike and Tiff Brittany got married, John and I dragged out the table and played a game.  It was awesome.

I love this table.

Some final thoughts for future projects:

Adhering foam to wood=wood glue.

Adhering foam to foam=tacky glue.

The plaster mix is very brittle and chips too easily for use on table panels that are meant to be transported.  The chips are very easy to fix, but a bit of an annoyance.  I think scoring the entire surface of the foam with a wire brush as mentioned in the first post would help.  I also think that adding silicon to the plaster mix, a-la incomparable wargame terrain guru Steve the Kamloopian, will give the plaster some flex and more durability.

Check your silicone caulk for the expiration date.  All that keeps this table from standing among the best examples of wargaming terrain out there are the oil stains that will forever seep through the plaster from the botched caulking job I did.

Protect your foam from Heat Fun.  'Nuff said.

I cannot wait to unveil this table to the group!  Tune in next time for the a report on our first game played on this board.

Game well, my Friends.

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